About Oliver

A nomad who has never stayed long enough in one place to claim it as home, Oliver Weiss uses a diverse range of mediums to express the abstract world of emotion that has been seen through his experiences.  Offering original and commissioned works, Oliver specializes in the use of painting, sculpture, and ceramics as a conduit for the emotions conveyed through his art.  Both studied in the art of ceramics and sculpting through the University of Montavello and a self-taught painter, he pulls inspiration from his unique experiences, the work of his heroes, and the challenge of helping clients visions become reality through his work.  Using his inspirations Oliver fuses the styles of Rothko, de Kooning, and Pollock, to focus not on the visual style they achieved, but the conversation that each piece has with the viewer.

For the best way to reach out with any questions, comments, or request on available originals and commissions, head over to the Contact Me page.